Ashley + Taylor

There is something so fulfilling when the people you love find the people they love. I know I mentioned this before, but Ashley is one of my nearest and dearest.

I think we all knew from early on that Taylor was something special.  Being able to experience their wedding day as a bridesmaid was so fun, but I am also so glad J was able to take the brunt of the filming - I loved being able to give them the gift of watching it again several weeks later. Experiencing our work while our couples see it for the first time is not something we get to do often, so being able to all share that moment together was really fun for us as filmmakers.  

Also, don't even get me started on Taylor's family, who is absolutely amazing. His sister did, in fact, Rick Roll the entire wedding in her speech, but I might just save that for a day when you least expect it. Fear the links from here on out, my friends.


Ashley + Taylor are married at Glenn Annie Golf Club, in Goleta, CA on September 17th, 2016. Music: "Always" by Analog Heart, licensed at Tale Spun Films,

Orbital Perspective, Technical Oversight

We Won The 2012 NASA Earth Day Editing Contest

 ...but it took us 10 months to figure it out.

In a lucky chain of events a 10 month old unread Facebook message was opened saying the below video was chosen as the 2012 NASA Earth Day Video Contest winner. Unbeknownst to us, Facebook has an "Other" tab in its inbox settings where this message was automatically foldered. Now if only we could claim the nearly year late prize of seats to a launch! Take two minutes to watch the video we created over a year ago and hopefully gain a small understanding of what Ron Garan calls "The Orbital Perspective."

Will we outgrow this infancy? This unearned stewardship?

Footage used under Creative Commons license: (Public Domain) TEDtalks (Attribution-NoDerivs license), Al Jazeera (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs), Personal Footage

Music used under Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license "The long & quiet flight of the pelican" by Ending Satellites