We are so excited for your big day! These last few questions will help us provide you with the best experience and care that we can on your wedding day. If you don't mind taking a few minutes to answer them, we would be so grateful! 

If you or your Coordinator already has (or WILL have) a detailed day-of-timeline, please be sure a copy of that is emailed to us at talespunfilms@gmail.com . 

Please list one or two additional contacts and their phone numbers so we can all communicate on the day of if needed (Ex. Coordinators, Best Man, Maid of Honor, etc.)
Please list the locations where both parties will be getting ready and around what time that will begin.
Tell us a little bit about your family structure. Are there any relationships or situations (divorces, deaths, etc.) that we should be aware of so that we can be as sensitive as possible?
Are there any special details that are significant to you that we might not be aware of that you'd like us to take notice of? For example, a person who is significant to your relationship, a family heirloom, a special tradition that might be happening?
Will there be special music, readings, or anything else happening during the ceremony that we should be aware of ahead of time?
Is there a venue coordinator who will be on-site? If so, please list their name and contact info.
Are there any special events outside of the norm that we should be aware of? Cultural practices, bridal party surprises, special gift giving, choreographed dances, etc? (You can email or call privately if needed to not ruin any surprises!)
Please list other vendors (Photographer, Coordinator, DJ, etc) and their contact information so that we may get ahold of them if needed.